Senior Care Services

At Riverwind Senior Assisted Living Facility, there are three levels of care offered depending on an individual’s needs.

A functional assessment is performed to determine that individual’s adequacy in performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The assessment ranks the individual’s adequacy in performing seven function in Activities of Daily Living.

These functions are:

Riverwind's Three Levels of Care

Level 1 - $5750

These individuals require 24-hour supervision because of memory and or physical impairments. They can perform their own ADL’s with minimal or no assistance throughout the day.

Level II - $5850

These individuals require more one on one assistance with their ADL’s. These individuals need daily assistance with grooming, bathing, dressing, walking or transferring, use of the bathroom, and may be becoming incontinent of bowel or bladder.

Level III - $6050

Theses individuals are dependent for all ADL’s. They may be bed bound, require total lifting and transfers from bed to chair, are completely incontinent or bowel and bladder, and need to be fed their meals.

All of the above levels of care include:

The following services are provided for an additional cost or fee:

We are here to help our residents in any way possible. From time-to-time our residents need help replacing or purchasing items such as replacing a television for their room when family or friends are unavailable to do so. We are able to make these purchases for our residents and add them to the following month’s bill.

* This service is commonly covered by medical and secondary health insurance plans.
** If ordered by a Physician, these services are commonly covered by medical and secondary health insurance plans.