I like Riverwind because of its location – its quiet, comfortable atmosphere. I’m 90 years old – I have learned that living can be rough and lonesome. As I grew older I started looking for a place called “Home”. I began to think I’d never find such a place – a friend brought me here – the proof of any residence is not in advertising but in actually living there. I’ve been here 5 years – I found HOME HERE.

R. Stickle

Riverwind is not good… it is not excellent… it is exceptional.

Dr. Richard G. Shillinglaw

My mother has been there for over a year, and she has flourished. She has regained lost weight and appears to everyone to be healthier and more involved with the other residents and staff.

G.E. Ristow

The open, airy common room always bustles with activity. My mother enjoys watching food preparation and helping with such things as frosting cupcakes. The staff and residents are much more like family than I could have imagined. When I think about angels, I picture many of your staff… they are angels.

R. Ricketts, M.D.

I’ve been living here at Riverwind for five years and I like it very much. It feels just like home!

B. Ellis